The majority of software projects fail. They can go wrong in the concept phase, in implementation and even after the software is set and done.

To prevent this, we have identified some topics around app development that might need some extra attention and care. Let’s learn together!

We develop your concept together

Many software projects fail during development, that's well known - but many more are developed and published but never used. We don't like such projects at all, because of course we also want our work to see the light of day at some point and offer people real added value. Most of the projects that come to us have actual added value at their core. But often the idea providers are not familiar with A development and do not know how this added value translates into a meaningful user flow. We would like to help you with this!

We make your app better

Your app has added value for your users - but it's not quite there yet. How do you get the loyal love of your users? The user has to be your focus, over and over again. Is your app really accessible to all users who need it? What exactly do your users do in your app, how do they use it? Could it be even nicer, easier, better? We don't have the answers - because they are always individual. But we have gained a lot of experience and can help you find these answers and grow your user numbers.

Let's launch!

Over 3000 apps are uploaded to the stores every day. How can your app stand out? The app launch is important and needs to be well prepared! Your app store listing should be well thought out and other marketing channels should also be considered. From our experience, we can say that only apps that invest at least as much time and money in marketing as they do in development have a chance of success. And believe us, this was also a painful realization for us: A good product is not enough if nobody knows about it.