Our team

In 2023, our founder Mira Jago won the 'Hannover City Award'. She actively advocates for a participatory and sustainable tech future. That's why she actively supports and connects women in tech professions and female startup founders. In her Cuckoo Coding Team, she relies on a multi-national, diverse team that works entirely remotely and leads itself with maximum independence. Together, they create beautiful software products.

Let's work together

Mira founded Cuckoo Coding GmbH in Hanover in 2017. We have been completely remote right from the start. We come from very different cultural backgrounds from six different countries. And yet we have a lot in common.

What binds us together as a team: our love of detail, beautiful design, good code and working together in a self-determined, efficient and respectful way. We have a strong network of external experts with whom we cooperate as required.





Core Team Member

External Expert


// Favorite mascot

The Cuckoo is the bird of countless sayings and wisdoms. It is also known for giving its children to other birds. Just like our customers give their projects to us. And we raise them like our own. "Cuckoo" has another meaning: Strange. And we might be a little bit strange. But in a good way.

Mira Jago

// The founder

Mira fell in love with cross-platform development with Flutter in 2019 and hasn't looked back since. She is the author of the book "App Development with Flutter for Dummies" and founded and built Cuckoo Coding. She rarely codes anymore; she focuses on concept development. She won the "Stadt Hannover Prize 2023" for her volunteer work with female startup founders and women in tech.

Luca Helmke

// The Finisher

Luca joined us in 2019. He is an allrounder when it comes to programming - Vue.js, Flutter, Node.js, Next.js, Supabase, and also close to the machine in IoT projects. He is always up to date when it comes to the latest technologies and is our software architect who plans or approves the tech stack. He is super fast at getting into new situations. That's why he's always the one who goes in when something is stuck and gets projects done.

Olek Shramko

// The Detail Lover

Oleksandr develops apps with Flutter and also has a good amount of experience in backend and architecture. When things get tricky, we like to bring him in. He has a background in electrical engineering and always looks forward to IoT app projects with BLE integration. Oleksandr is a perfectionist with an eye for detail. And he has a heart for his colleagues - he helps as a mentor in several of our projects.

Abdu Azab

// The Flutter Specialist

Abdu is a Flutter app developer with extensive project experience and backend skills. Connecting navigation, setting up data-secure backends, integrating gamification - Abdu builds our apps reliably, stably, and quickly. He implements designs pixel-perfectly. Abdu always has great ideas to make an app even better. And he's a true team player with whom it's really enjoyable to chat.

Nina Fan

// The All-rounder

Nina is our project manager and oversees our app developments from kickoff to publishing - but not just that. She assists with concept and UX design, provides business support for Mira, and is always ready to jump in as a programmer. But most importantly: Nina brings our team together, gets us talking, and thus ensures that we can focus on the essentials.

Vasyl Shponarskyi

// Just do it

Vasyl is an extremely fast developer who loves delving into new topics. He started with us as common Flutter developer in 2021 and now works with Large Language Models and builds microservice backend architecture. He is always ready to lend a hand to his coworkers when a deadline is approaching, and we appreciate this a lot.

Moe Alkhatim

// Fullstack Dev

Moe is a Flutter and fullstack developer. We have been working together continuously since 2021 and appreciate him greatly as a team member. He is a skilled Flutter developer and has recently been taking on more complex backend tasks. He is always very meticulous about producing elegant clean code. Moe is originally from Sudan but currently living in Dubai.

Marianne Nicolas

// UX/UI Designer

We have been working with Marianne from the very beginning - she is the one responsible for Cuckoo Coding\s branding, logo and this website. When our clients don't bring their own designer into the project, we usually recommend to work with Marianne. She lives in Nantes (France) and has studied in Paris. She is a very talented user interface designer, always speaks her mind and puts the user first.

Kostya Kostjev

// QA Expert

We love to produce quality apps - and Kostya is the one who makes sure that our apps are always top notch. Kostya is our QA expert and regularly tests our apps on all devices and platforms. Since he loves to dabble with graphic design, he sometimes doubles as motion designer and creates beautiful animations for our apps.

Slavik Gusarov

// Flutter Dev

Slavik is active in both web and mobile development. He is fast, reliable, and a team player - and our go-to person when we need reliable support in a project quickly. When he's not developing for us, he manages projects. He enjoys the balance between technical and organizational tasks and handles both with ease and the utmost professionalism.

Shrikant Shet

// Fullstack Web Developer

Previously Shrikant was a project manager until his unconditional love for high-quality code led him to become a developer himself. Now he is a fullstack web developer, creating beautiful web apps for us using React, Next, and Node.js. He lives in Mumbai and got to know Cuckoo Coding at a meetup when he visited Hannover.

Tim Lavreniuk

// Software Architect

Tim is fullstack developer and software architect with over ten years of experience. He served as our lead developer for a major project for a Health Tech corporation, delving deep into AWS during that time. Today, he advises us on AWS projects and develops for us flexibly when we need him. As a mentor, he supports our coworkers in their professional development.

Meet us

We are passionate about tech and love to discuss it with other bright minds. That's why we organize two monthly meetups in Hanover.And check out our founder Mira's website, with her upcoming Talks & Events.

// GDG Hannover

Web, App and Fullstack Devs meet monthly to share or learn new insights in workshops

650 members, since 2017

// WTM Hannover

Women with tech jobs or aspiring meet monthly for drinks and dinner.

350 members, since 2017

Our advisory board

We want to constantly question and optimize our structures. To do this, we need an outside perspective. In 2023, we therefore founded an advisory board for Cuckoo Coding with the smartest managing directors in our network.

During the selection process, we made sure to include customer voices as well as partners and competitors. And of course, diversity is also the most productive here! Twice a year, we present our figures, problems and goals to the advisory board, forge strategies and define OKRs

Deborah Choi

// Serial Entrepreneur

Deborah is a serial entrepreneur and currently occupied with her fintech Kibo and her NGO Founderland. As an experienced speaker, Mira values her advice on personal branding topics. Her American background adds an exciting additional perspective to the advisory board.

Jörg Herbst

// CEO Newcubator

The Newcubator agency is technically our competition - but Jörg didn't care when he invited Mira to join his newly established advisory board in 2020. So, of course, we don't mind either, and we're now learning even more intensively from each other.

Daniela Reeh

// CEO Kochstrasse

Daniela is the managing director of the legendary Kochstrasse marketing agency and a trained systemic coach. We are incredibly excited to have Dani as someone by our side from whom we can learn how to successfully run a large agency and maintain creative spaces for disruptive ideas.

Marcel Otten

// CEO Brave & Hungry

Marcel has extensive UX design and tech know-how, and he has previously worked with us as a product owner to develop an app for Continental. He has recently secured funding for his new startup, Emma, and is deeply involved in product development. We value his years of experience in app and web development, his high-quality standards, and his honest feedback.


// A Hannoverian Founder

An experienced Hanoverian entrepreneur who now invests in startups as a business angel and prefers to remain anonymous. We are delighted to be able to draw on his many years of experience as a managing director and investor.