We prefer working with purpose and developing apps with impact. We are volunteers in several accelerator programs and have already invested in one of our client startups. We know the startup world and, given the choice, we always prefer working with a startup over a corporation. That's why we offer you discounted prices. Let's try to bring your idea to life together!

Impact Startups

// Discounts for Startups

We love working with startups because we love fast, agile, and pragmatic work at eye level. And our coworkers love it when their work contributes to making the world a little better. That's why we say no to customers from the arms industry, Big Pharma, and the like, and yes to impact startups. We offer you discounts on our services and help you as best we can to implement your MVP cost-effectively.

Sustainable Coding

// Green coding & hosting

We work with an ISO-certified hosting provider in Germany that powers its servers with 100% green electricity. And of course, when coding our apps, we make sure that as little data as possible is transferred and stored in the backend - only what is necessary for an optimal user experience. This saves energy and, of course, costs.

Sustainable Working

// Sparring Partners

Sustainable coding, green hosting - good and well. But the game changer regarding sustainability in our industry is: not implementing bad projects. And that requires good communication at eye level. We are your sparring partners, not your service providers. We tell you if we think that your project will not fulfill what you expect from it. And we help you with our experience to adapt the app accordingly.

Our Services

  • Promotion of startups with visionary, sustainable ideas.
  • Efficiency and sustainability as the core of our development processes.
  • Responsible and transparent business practices as a basis.
  • Agile collaboration at eye level.
  • Energy-saving code, economical data storage and transmission.
  • ISO-certified hosting in Germany with 100% green electricity.