Innovating Healthcare

The shortage of skilled professionals and the aging of our society will pose significant challenges in the healthcare sector in the coming years. When done right, digitalization can help simplify the work of caregivers and medical professionals and ensure sustainable and reliable patient care.

DIGA Development

// Digital Health Applications

With the introduction of DiGas, Germany is taking a crucial and forward-looking step toward a sustainable healthcare system. We specialize in developing data-compliant apps that provide users with a secure and comfortable experience. Let us help you revolutionize the healthcare system!

Female Health

// Focus on Women's Health

Gender differences are still insufficiently considered in medicine. It's wonderful that some companies have taken it upon themselves to focus on and rethink women's health. We are actively involved as mentors in a Female Health Incubator and always welcome inquiries from this area!

Secure Data

// Secure Backend & Hosting

We plan the data flow of your app from the beginning, working with you and a data privacy expert. We develop the backend cost-effectively with Supabase and host it with an ISO-certified provider in Germany. Data handling is transparently documented in the deletion and permission concept.

Our Services

  • Customized mobile app development for the healthcare industry.
  • Optimal user experience for patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and administrators.
  • Advanced data analysis for optimization post-app release.
  • Secure patient data through adherence to strict data privacy and compliance requirements.
  • Cost-effective and scalable backend solutions, including Supabase.
  • Transparent data management and hosting with ISO-certified providers in Germany.