It's clear to everyone that our administration has a significant need for digitalization, and with the OZG (Online Access Act), this need has been turned into law. But it's a pity that it's often so difficult to implement in practice. Complex procurement procedures, no IT specialists in the department, the professionals are already overloaded, not enough budget. Digitalization should be fun - not just for citizens, but also for the administration. It should reduce work and simplify processes - not create work and complicate everything. We would like to help if we can.

Concept & UX Design

// Well planned is half the battle

Software development is a complex process and must be well planned. We help you concretize your idea in advance and plan the best user experience. We develop prototypes for you to test and discuss. And we develop a design that your users will love. After that, software development is a piece of cake.


// Software for everyone

We develop software that is accessible to everyone: old, young, people with language barriers, or with disabilities. We focus on accessibility and also simple and straightforward user guidance - because that is enjoyable for everyone. With intelligently integrated AI, we can even go a step further today and make your software even easier to use.

Secure Data

// Secure backend & hosting

We plan the data flow of your app from the start with you and a data protection expert. We develop the backend cost-effectively with Supabase and host it with an ISO-certified provider in Germany or on your server. Data handling is transparently noted in the deletion concept and permission concept.

Our Services

  • Customized software development for administration.
  • Best user experience for citizens as well as for administrative staff.
  • We understand administration. We speak your language and understand your needs.
  • We are very fast and relatively inexpensive. But most importantly: We deliver quality.
  • Mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps, backend, hosting, AI integration - we can do everything around user-centered software.
  • Transparent data management and hosting with ISO-certified providers in Germany.