// We guarantee you an app that inspires

We are only satisfied when you are. That's why every customer gets our money-back or satisfaction guarantee when developing with us.

Outsourcing software development is scary. It can turn out really well, but it often goes wrong - takes too long, becomes too expensive, or the quality simply isn't right. But why is that so? Usually it's because expectations between the parties are not communicated and properly aligned. That's why we focus especially on the concept phase at the beginning of the project and make sure that we understand each other 100%.

At previously defined milestones, we then regularly check whether we're still on the right track. And if not, we adjust. We only issue an invoice after successful approval. Disclaimer: A software is never completely bug-free, not even ours. We agree on a time-limited testing phase before approval. Afterwards, we can agree on a maintenance contract to fix later bugs.