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We love code. We always work with the latest technologies and tools, and are constantly furthering our education.

Beauty lies in simplicity - in design, as well as in code. We have developed a code base that meets the industry standards and that our developers use to start a new project. We work with pull requests, meaning every new piece of code is double checked by a colleague. We manually test according to a test plan, and roll out beta versions to you and your team before delivery. For larger projects, we also write programmatic tests for all functionalities.

We build with Flutter, today's most common mobile technology. We like to build web apps with Vue.js or React.js. We can offer Firebase as the most cost-effective backend alternative. But in a world where data protection is becoming increasingly important, we also offer secure solutions, such as a self-hosted Supabase backend. For us, two things are always important: A fast time-to-market, but it should also be stable and scalable later - when your product takes off.