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the tech-hub for hannover

Everyone needs developers. So why can’t recent graduates find their first job? Why can’t businesses find qualified applicants?

In short: The one thing students do not learn in university, is how to use new technologies, how to code like the current Zeitgeist demands.

In our monthly developer meetups we learn together, discuss topics all around tech and invite speakers from around the world to share their expertise.

We want to expand this experience into a full fledged co-working & co-learning environment.

With Cuckoo Coder we want to create a space, where the newbie, the IT specialist and the manager work, learn and grow together.

With coworking & bootcamps we want to build a vibrant tech community in Hannover and connect it with local businesses.

a great dev community


It doesn’t matter if you are a recent graduate, a career changer, or a specialist about to take on a new tasks – we will help you take your first steps into the world of programming.


As in universities, lots of the learning happens outside of the courses.

To provide members with the best possibilities to network, cooperate, work and hang out, our facilities will be open 24/ 7.


We want to encourage the community side of the tech industry. That’s why we will provide a free space for meetups, devfests, gaming or other community driven events.

train the manager

The tech world is changing rapidly every day. We aim to teach managers how to stay on top of questions like: How can AI benefit our company? And what technology should I use to develop our company’s mobile app?

women in tech

We strive toward being a welcoming space, where women can realize their true potential, and enable them to shift into tech-related careers. It’s about time the tech landscape becomes more interesting and diverse.

migrants & nomads

To actively welcome all the non-native, but incredibly skilled coders moving to/ living in Hannover, our entire curriculum and our events will be hosted in English. As we now already do in our GDG and FTM meetups.

hannover docks

The Hannover Docks are two adjacent factory buildings in Hannover Linden.

They are currently being renovated and are supposed to open at the end of 2020, becoming a center for sustainable businesses.

The Cuckoo Coder tech hub will occupy the whole upper floor (400m2) of the annex with huge windows and a balcony overlooking the harbour.


Mira Jago is a career changer herself – after graduating with her masters in philosophy, she started working as community manager at St. Oberholz, the heart of the Berlin startup scene. From there, she dared to become a coder.

She gained her first experiences as an app developer at deister electronics in Barsinghausen, headed by her father and brother. She saw first-hand the problems small- and medium-sized businesses can face when hiring and employing developers.

Two years ago she founded Cuckoo Coding GmbH, an app development company, primarily focused on cross platform development.

She is passionate about connecting developers –  she started the Google Developer Group Hannover two years ago, is Women Techmaker Ambassador for Google and leads the Female Techmakers Hannover.