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Cuckoo Coder will open end of 2020. We want to provide you with a flexible space, where you can work in peace and concentration, overlooking the water, and where you can meet people who are working on the same stuff & learning the same stuff.

Workshops, meetups and hackathons will let you dive deep into your tech topic, and you’ll meet new friends, new costumers & collaborateurs. We want to further create a room for testing equipment and fitness room with regular courses.

Since Cuckoo Coder is still in the making, we are open to your ideas! You want to place your company’s AI team in a tech environment 2 days a week? You want a private room for your tech startup? Talk to us, and tell us your needs and ideas.


just work


Use our coworking space 24/ 7

100 €

per user/ month


work & learn & play


24/ 7 access to coworking

visit our evening events

free access to hackathons


per user/ month

work & stay


24/ 7 access to coworking


a fixed desk & locker

320 €

per user/ month